Tesla Steering Wheels

Anyone interested in a high quality custom Tesla steering wheel comes to Rau Autowood.
Our history of making custom Tesla steering wheels goes as far back as their first car, the Roadster. After the launch of the Tesla Model S, we were the first company to make a custom steering wheel for the Model S. The same was true when the Tesla Model X came out. When the Model 3 comes out, we’ll surely do a custom steering wheel for it too.

We’ve made custom Tesla steering wheels in most factory interior trims, including piano black, carbon fiber (matte and gloss), dark ash, and ash burl.

Rau produces Tesla steering wheels for restylers, tuners, and private customers. Combining our history of high end custom steering wheels, with our production experience (50,000 trim pieces for Tesla Motors) producing outstanding results.

Chevy steering wheels


www.CustomSteeringWheels.com to see Rau Racing Wheels!

Corvette and Camaro owners are not “ordinary”. Why should their steering wheel be?

Introducing RAU RACING WHEELS. The newest division of Rau Autowood. Combining decades of experience creating custom steering wheels for ultra-luxury vehicles, with modern mass production techniques in order to create high quality steering wheels at affordable prices for popular sports cars. Custom Steering Wheels.

The new Chevy Corvette, and Camaro models are pretty impressive automobiles. The 2016 Camaro has won several important awards, including Wards top honor for Best Interior. However, it is possible to greatly improve upon Chevy’s interior design, with one simple modification, a custom steering wheel.

If you’re about to buy a new Corvette or Camaro, you should contact us to see how you can add a custom steering wheel to your upcoming purchase.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

With the Ghost, Wraith, and the recently released Dawn, clearly we’re living in a new era of Rolls-Royce, for a new generation of Rolls-Royce owners. These vehicles are works of art and symbols of mechanical perfection. Yet, Rolls-Royce does not offer a wood option for their steering wheels. That’s why dealerships around the world have to come to us.

For many years, Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealerships used Rau for warrantee wood repairs and custom steering wheels. This is why when Rolls-Royce customers ask their dealer for a wood steering wheel, the dealer contacts William Rau Automotive Woodwork. Our experience, and skills help us create custom steering wheels that blend harmoniously with the Rolls-Royce design language.

We’ve created custom steering wheels for the Ghost, Wraith, and the Dawn. So, if you’re planning on buying a new Rolls-Royce, contact us today knowing that we have the experience and skill to turn your steering wheel into something special.