Silver Cloud Dash Repair
A tale of two dashes!
Considering the pedigree of these cars, it continues to amaze
me the mistreatment and abuse the woodwork receives in
the hands of unqualified restorers. Or perhaps this was a
learning experience for a previous owner that wanted to do
it himself. More likely, the dash was given to a furniture repair
shop, that was in over its head. Paper veneer and bad glue.
Concours restoration requires a knowledgeable and sympathetic
hand to achieve the best result possible. Our experience over
the past several years, puts us in a unique position to perform
complex projects with superb results. Industrial adhesives,
the proper techniques, and the desire for "perfection", are the
necessary ingredients of this process.
dash groove
The above three photos show another dash with a not
uncommon problem. All of the  wood had been refinished
a few months earlier by another restorer.
A repair to the crack in the Bakelite had been made
at that time. However, the crack reappeared and split
the finish. This kind of damage requires more drastic
surgery than merely putting glue in the split. The middle and
right photos show the groove we cut and an insert glued in
place. This supports both sides of the crack. A plate was
applied to the under side as well. Next, a sub-veneer was
glued over the repair to strengthen it  and minimize any
telegraphing. The top was veneered in book-matched French
walnut. The ends were veneered and the top crossband replaced.
Finally, a new molding strip was steam bent and attached.
Only after the surgery can the cosmetics proceed.
The lower photos show the completed job, with a close-up of
the figured walnut.